Escorts in Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Escorts In Islamabad From Bahria Enclave

Escorts in Bahria Enclave Islamabad are girls from Pakistan’s rural areas. They are modest and very humble with good morals. Although most of them are employed by the government as domestic servants, most of them still look for ways to earn money. For this purpose they usually opt to enter into online businesses or get into small businesses. Some of them also end up being pimps, and that is another profession in Bahria. Pimps are male escorts.

The Bahria enclave is a very conservative town. Its people are very religious. The townspeople are very hostile to western girls and two girls who are from outside Pakistan. However, there are a few girls who managed to enter into this town via the internet and that is how Mirza, a Pakistani girl, found herself getting worked as an escort in Islamabad.

She started working as a model by day and then decided to pursue her career as an escort. She is well known with her winning smile and captivating personality. Most girls working as escorts in Islamabad have big personalities. They all speak in an appealing way and they all are fun loving. They will even make the customer feel like a king.

Mirza is one of those girls. Despite the harsh environment of the town, she still managed to shine and rise to success. Her good looks, blonde hair and beautiful skin are enough to catch the attention of many men. Many Pakistani girls also prefer to be an escort to rich men.

Like other girls working as escorts in Islamabad, Mirza also has a secret past. She used to be married to a middle-aged man and her husband had some sort of a drug problem. She used to take money for the drug and use it as a cover for her theft and housebreaking. When her husband was arrested, she had to change her name and live at another location till she got out.

These girls working as an escort in Islamabad can earn good money. This is because they know the town very well. They know all the places and people in the town. They also know the people who work in the local government and military offices. Therefore they can help their customers in getting into safe houses and vehicles easily.

Escorts in Bahria Enclave operate on different types of vehicles. The most common are two-wheelers and mini-buses. Such vehicles have a very easy time picking up many people and delivering them safely to their desired destinations. However, they are unable to pick up many people who cannot be driven. This makes the service very expensive.

It is advisable to go for cheap car services rather than a hired car. Hired cars in Bahria may appear cheaper on the surface but they often have problems with their drivers. Therefore it is better to opt for a hired vehicle. The driver will take care of the safety and security of the customer. He will also handle the vehicle while driving and will not allow the customer to get irritated. All these factors make the service more enjoyable.

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